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Giving you real-time information to act on.

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Boosting your competitive edge

Most industries and buildings house older systems that are not fully ready for the connected world yet. Our products enable you to work smarter, helping you stay on top of the game. By providing wireless data collection, monitoring, optimization and visualization. All in one package.

Automated smart building

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Process overview

About us

At Smart Plants we work to give you complete monitorial power of your machines, processes, buildings and everything connectable. It is all about how smartly you want to work and that's where we come in. You get it all by logging on a single, intuitive live dashboard.

Behind the screens we make use of, and provide, data collection, cloud-solutions, machine learning, automation and real-time monitoring. This enables you to learn more about your systems and their performance with historic data and reports as well, allowing you to make better decisions.

What we do

Sensors - Hardware - Software


Smart Plants is a full-stack IoT company working with industrial IT-solutions. We make you understand the full depth of your processes by capturing and processing the data surrounding your business, and presenting it to you in a clear, comprehensible and visually appealing manner, for you to easily make better informed decisions.

Our products

Our products, rooted with machine algorithms, connect with your existing systems and all relevant public data to gather all information under one umbrella.

The result is that you can measure and log every step and action in each part of the process, watch them undergo automatic continuous improvements, and monitor everything from a single dashboard on your computer. If something critical happens, you'll get alerted right away!

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Our technology

Our production consists of the use and development of the following elements.


IoT, Internet of Things

The connection of all things, both internal and external to the internet to help see the large picture in any process.

machine learning

Machine learning

The use of programmes and algorithms to make a machine able to learn from its processes and optimize them, by itself.

cloud solutions

Cloud solutions

To make it possible to collect information, save it, and access it from anywhere. Also providing safety and increased uptime.



To improve, you have to be able to measure. We provide the sensors required in the process to extract the data needed to make qualified decisions.



To connect to your existing systems making its runtime data accessible by the system.